Garage Renovations & Racing Update!

Many people love bikes. I personally love fast bikes, and the thrill that comes with riding one can’t be put into words. I know two-wheel fans can totally relate to this. Sport bikes, sometimes known as super bikes (because they are), play a huge part in many people’s lives, myself included. I have a couple of these mean machines in my home garage. It’s one of the perks that comes with being a professional racer. We’ll talk more about my racing side later.

For now, I need to draw your attention to our main item of discussion. I have been having a huge problem with cleaning up and storing my bikes, as well as other valuable items, in my garage. However, my knight in shining armor came to my rescue when I finally came across epoxy floors. Keeping my bikes clean and carrying out maintenance services on them was really hard.

Now, I don’t even know where to start talking about this amazing flooring solution. I spend more time in my garage than I used to, back when I had a horrible, dirty floor in there. I’ll start from the very beginning…

So Where Is The Beginning?

Well, the beginning was a concrete floor that I thought would actually last long, but I guess I was wrong. I know we’ve all been there, or probably still are. I have been living in my house for quite a while now. Let’s just say I have lived here long enough to have had a problem of cracks and holes in my garage floor. This scenario is very common and it affects a lot of people.

cracked garage floor

I had had my concrete garage floor renovated three times in the past. I finally threw in the towel when I couldn’t stand the sight of the garage and actually ended up hating the whole space. I would rarely clean up my bikes, let alone carry out engine maintenance. I have a Yamaha R1 and R6, a Honda CBR1000RR (Blade!), and of course two Kawasaki Ninjas.  These things are pure heat:

Well, as you can see, I have my hands quite full and it can get only worse when you have a messed up garage floor. Things actually got really bad, to the extent of my racing career taking a hit. My garage floor, despite the many repairs, ended up looking worse! There was a lot of dust everywhere and cleaning the place finally became pointless. I would never bother to check whether some bikes needed some tuning or an oil change.

The bikes ended up not giving the necessary power output and expected performance. When things got this bad, I had to make an executive decision to get a new floor installed immediately. I did a quick search through the web for the best floor plans for a garage. I had a very huge variety to select from. I assessed the suitability, as well as the cost of each one I came across. I finally got my best pick and it was none other than epoxy floors.

So, How Will Epoxy Floors Benefit You?

First, you need to ensure that you have all the cracks and holes on your floor fixed. Once your floor is ready, proceed to clean it out with some water. Next, you pour the primer of epoxy in the middle of the floor space. Use a rolling pin on a pole to spread out the primer evenly throughout the surface. If you need to add more color, apply different color coats of the epoxy and spread it out evenly.

When you are done with this, you just simply wait for a while for it to fully dry and you have yourself a shiny durable epoxy floor. Some of the key benefits worth mentioning are that the surface of your garage floor will improve the brightness of your space by up to 200%. This means that you will need less lighting. The floor will also end up having a shiny high gloss. With this, it can resist oil stains and wipes very clean.

epoxy garage

Keeping my garage clean has never been easier. There is no more dust on the floor or on my bikes. I even wash the bikes right inside my garage, and when I come back the next day, I find the whole place dry. How awesome is that? Also, adding to the fact that it’s very simple to apply the epoxy floor, I was able to transform my garage floor in a single day!

It has been almost two years since i made the switch and the floor is still serving its purpose. I have even realized the benefits in my racing too. I now always make it a routine to visit my garage every day. My bikes are now working and performing better. They go much faster now and have helped me improve greatly in my races. With that being said, i just remembered i was to tell you more about my racing career.

After I did the floor myself, a neighbor told me he knew of someone who had his floor done by Best Coast Epoxy Coatings and how beautiful it turned out. He said problems can develop if I didn’t do it right or used the wrong epoxy, that I should have gotten a professional to do it. Mine is holding up, for now, but if it does get messed up, I would definitely give that a try, since they could do it a lot better than me!

Here’s A Brief Look Into My Racing Career

Do any of these names ring a bell? Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Jonathan Rea or Marc Marquez? If they do, then here is another juicy fact: I actually race in the same races with them. I haven’t yet won the championship, but you never know! The fact about life is that people have different problems and disappointments and we all have to just accept that.

kawasaki ninjas

My garage used to be my problem, but not anymore, since my epoxy floor is doing me a lot of good. I enjoyed my most recent race at Laguna Seca as I finally had the chance to test my ‘Blade’. I am looking forward to the many races planned out for this year, and I can’t wait to race again in Spain. I hope this season will be better than all the rest. The days are shining brighter already!

Adrenaline Junkie Enjoying Land AND Water Sports!

For some unknown reasons, dirt bike racing puts that little adrenaline rush into my system. My concentration suddenly becomes focused while my senses grow sharper. I realized that all I need to experience absolute joy while dirt riding is to put all of my focus into the present moment. All I do is stop fighting against the terrain and the bike.

I become one with the bike, flying over obstacles and dancing along the course. When I manage to ride in harmony like this, I always experience much better results.

dirt bike

Another important fact I consider in order to enjoy my bike riding is the selection of the right bike. Before I bought my top-notch Yamaha 125 YZ, I had to consider its power, weight, and setup. I also realized that basic fitness is required in order to forget about the time, get into the flow, and just keep hopping over the obstacles.

To prepare my body for an exhilarating dirt racing experience, I do some strength training almost daily. I also eat a balanced diet and undertake some intensive interval training.


I have also had more fun when I did not bother myself thinking, “I could have been better here or faster there.” I always strive to put all of my focus on jumping over the rocks on the side of the trail or bouncing off that little cliff.

On other occasions, I pop a wheelie or stand on my bike and use the foot pegs to steer the bike and shift my weight. Dirt riding has helped me to clear stress out of my life and I believe it can improve the quality of your life too.

in the air

To be honest, another leisure activity I enjoy besides dirt bike racing is kayaking. Tomorrow I will be going to rent a kayak, so I was told to look up kayak rentals San Diego. Even though there are a couple of skills that you need to learn before kayaking, you don’t need to be an expert to have fun. Whether you choose to paddle your way down an inland river, a fresh water creek or head out to the open sea, you are guaranteed to experience many appealing moments.

kayaks on land

Both dirt biking and kayaking can be fantastic ways to experience nature in ways you’ve never encountered before. Whether you are traveling alone, with your family, or with a group of friends, you should endeavor to try out these two amazing leisure activities.

Should Atheletes Take Garcinia Cambogia For Cutting Weight?

garciniaAlthough garcinia cambogia is one of the most powerful and popular weight loss supplements, it’s important to know about its advantages and disadvantages before getting started on it… especially if you are an athlete! These can make a difference when it comes to buying it or looking for another weight loss supplement.

As an athlete, I normally research and take the best supplements daily. In this process, I have noted that garcinia cambogia has been one of the best supplements for losing fat (in the last two years).

But here is some nerd talk: Scientists have carried out several studies on hydroxycitric acid which is believed to be the active ingredient. It has actually been associated with fat burning and reduction of appetite in the body especially among athletes and other sportsmen.

Should you take garcinia cambogia? Only you can decide for yourself, but here is some research on it:


1. Promotes Weight Loss

Garcinia cambogia is believed to prevent the fat cell enzyme citrate lyase from producing fats. It actually gives you the ability to lose weight while continuing to eat the foods that you love in moderation.

2. Prevents Constipation

Although garcinia cambogia has been linked to causing diarrhea if you already have a bad stomach it can help to move things in your stomach. This can go a long way in preventing constipation.

3. It Increases Calcium Absorption

By increasing the amount of calcium absorbed in your body, it will help your teeth and bones to become healthier and stronger. More so, research has shown that calcium can help in preventing weight gain. According to studies, calcium promotes the burning of fat within your body and assists in the reduction of stored fat. Scientists have suggested that if women do not eat enough calcium the hormones that help to regulate it will react negatively with progesterone and estrogen. According to experts, women should take one thousand milligrams of calcium daily.

4. Prebiotic

Garcinia cambogia can also help in keeping your digestive system running well. Since it’s a non-digestible compound, it passes through the gastrointestinal track to stimulate the growth of good bacteria. The idea of feeding and helping them is a smart and positive move. It also ensures that bad bacteria always remain low.


1. Dizziness

After ingesting garcinia cambogia, you may experience a feeling of unsteadiness

2. Vertigo

If you have ever spun yourself for some time and then stopped you may have experienced vertigo. It’s actually a feeling of emotion when in the actual sense there is none. You may feel as if you are spinning or as if your surrounding is spinning.

3. Headache

After consuming garcinia cambogia, you may start feeling some headache. The pain that you experience could come in different forms such as throbbing headache, a dull headache or a sharp pain in the head. It could occur on one side of the head or on both sides.

These are some of the pros and cons of taking garcinai cambogia. While it’s a popular product that many people believe in, it’s not without any risks. Before buying the supplement, you should take time and consider these. Studies have also indicated that this supplement appears to be safe. Apart from the minor digestive issues, it does not have any serious side effects.

SPICES – An [Understated!] Boon To An Athletic Body

spicesSpices are basically any plant extract which acts as an additional ingredient to a food by providing color, flavor, and some astonishing biological advantages. Spices are generally recommendable for their antimicrobial properties and use in other factors such as medicine, cosmetics, and religious proceedings. They have been known to human kind since the beginning of civilizations. They used to be a prime ingredient in healing medicines and for warriors and workers for their heavy physical workout.

Spices For Athletes

Since we don’t have any warriors today fighting with a sword for days, the physical workers are athletes who need to treat their body like a temple… like me and you! And for the proper maintenance of the temple, spices are an iconic food product which keeps the athletes going and healthy. Even though the godly benefits of spices are well-known and acknowledged, many athletes still seem to ignore the product in their diet.

Because I believe in using herbs and supplements from nature, I thought I would discuss the benefits of a few spices that can be commonly found in Asian cooking. Following are some unbeatable advantages of spices to an athlete:

  • Anti-inflammation properties
  • Heals the sores and body aches
  • Quickens the process of healing for any physical injury like a cut, etc
  • Keeps the body warm
  • Maintains the cardiovascular activities, thus the heart stays strong
  • Antimicrobial in nature

in shape athlete
Now since we know all the great uses of spices, let us discuss some of them in detail and further discuss their advantages.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has an incredible anti-inflammatory response. Moreover, this captivating yellow spice is exclusively known for its healing power. You can either pour it in a smoothie or salad or in fact directly put it on a wound. The result will come immediately. Turmeric is also a cure for arthritis and is highly recommended if an athlete is suffering from cramps and sores in limbs due to heavy workout.  Consider incorporating Turmeric Curcumin into your daily diet.

2. Cinnamon

So first of all, Cinnamon has an aroma which is itself a good enough reason to use it daily. The smell itself heals you spiritually. Moving to the health benefits for athletes, Cinnamon should be taken by athletes suffering from diabetes and it is a notable preventer. It is also great for muscles and joints as it keeps them strong and healthy.

3. Cilantro

This ancient herb is a wondrous product for heart and blood. It maintains the blood sugar level and also helps in keeping a healthy heart by constantly reducing cholesterol level. It also has terrific anti-oxidant properties which keep the body young and healthy.

4. Oregano

Oregano is believed to be having the highest anti-oxidant property among any group of herbs or spices. It also keeps the body warm. Its primary function, although, is to maintain a healthy digestive system which helps in taking the most energy from a food.

5. Cayenne Pepper

This one is a blessing to the immune system. Furthermore, it helps in the healing of sore muscles and maintains a healthy digestion for the body. Since it is extremely spicy, it should always be consumed with a milk product or eggs. And because it is too spicy, it is an excellent diaphoretic spice.


Found this interesting? Check out our article about whether athletes should take Garcinia.

5 Daily Habits I’ve Acquired To Become a Successful Athlete

conquer yourself

Being a successful athlete involves a lot and what you get is always what you really work for. What people don’t know is that athletes spend several years to build successful habits and that is why some make a lot more than others. As an athlete, I did not just wake up and become a champion; I had to work hard daily and make it a habit. Different people have different personalities but the routines listed below will help you:

1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important in every athlete’s training regimen and performance. Quality sleep increases the level of energy to both the body and brain. It is proven that sleep can increase or decrease the level of accuracy in an athlete. Regular activities do break down the amount of energy and fluids and what an athlete does before and after competitions will affect the level of accuracy and even the muscles. Lack of sleep decreases the production of carbohydrates, glycogen, increases fatigue, leads to poor focus, to mention but a few. Whether it is 8 or 10 hours, enough sleep will improve your fitness and health.

2. Regular Exercise

The main reason I exercise is to become better each day. Competitions can show how much you’ve improved but you’ll have to spend more time working out and training than the time you’ll normally use in the competition. You should also keep in mind that training is not only for competitions or races but for a healthy life. Instead of constantly thinking about the medals plus other rewards, I think about the many benefits exercises do to my life. Have a training journal to help you keep on track.

3. Focus On Your Goals

You should always visualize on what you want to meet in every competition then work on it. As an athlete, I do focus on achieving my goals and improving my confidence. You should only focus on what you are doing and avoid any form of distractions, thoughts or even the yelling coach. Recognize what makes you shift your focus then strategize on how to deal with it.

4. Meditation

Daily meditation is important for any athlete. For instance, mindfulness and muscle relaxation help me calm my nerves and be in a very relaxing state. It is normal for an athlete to get stressed out due to strenuous training or burnout and that is why meditation will help curb distractions. A successful athlete is one who is emotionally stable whether in competitions or not.

5. Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something you should not ignore. I discipline myself each time I go for shopping; I avoid picking junk food and other unhealthy snacks. For instance, it is really easy for me to become distracted by coffee near me (addicted!) However, as long as you create time for workouts and rank everything. Avoid excuses and be determined if you want to make things better. You need to increase both your physical and mental strength for you to succeed.


It takes a lot of time and effort to make the above tips a habit but they will certainly help in maximizing your returns. A successful athlete should have proper diet to enhance performance. Eating well will give you all the energy you’ll need in any race. It is also important to do mobility exercises to increase your flexibility and performance.

3 Supplements Every Racer Can Benefit From!

supplements for athletes
You train, exercise and eat well for your athletic endeavors but what are the best supplements that can take your training to the next level?

Although research has shown that a variety of nutrients are healthy for athletes, there are 3 that stand outs. Remember, in the world of ever changing training methods proper use of supplements equal results. With long and short term fitness goals, using the best supplements is the best thing to do. However, no supplement can take the place of a good, wholesome diet. In fact, I have tested several supplements over the years, with the following giving me some really good results in the last few months (one of my favorite topics, really!)

Although these 3 supplements can help in training and recovery efforts, they can also be taken together with others so as to get the best results.

1. Forskolin:

Forskolin is not only a popular supplement when it comes to training and sports, but it’s also a popular fat burner famous for its anabolic activities. It generally enhances fat loss by activating adenylate cyclase enzyme. This enzyme starts off a series of events including the activation of lipoprotein lipase that allows stored fat to be broken down to be used as a source of fuel. For quite some time people have been using supplement for weight loss and other training activities. Since our bodies love this supplement, they react well yielding a revitalized mind and a flatter stomach. It also stimulates the body’s metabolism so that it can burn more fat. This prevents the body from adding more fat and also melts away unwanted fat from the body.

It also raises your testosterone and thyroid hormone level thereby leading to an increase in fat burning and lean body mass. The fat in Forskolin activates kinase which plays an important role in the breakdown of the building blocks known as triglycerides. Having lower levels of triglycerides has a lot of health benefits to the body. If you are looking for the best supplement for weight loss then look no further since this supplement is the best.

2. Omega 3 Supplements:

It’s true that a typical western diet normally lacks important fatty acids such as omega 3. Even for healthy adults who know the importance of omega 3, looking for omega 3 supplements may still be something worth taking into consideration. Whether you are an athlete or not, there are a ton of evidence supporting the health benefits of omega 3. According to research, omega 3 supplements may

  • Reduce the muscle soreness and the inflammation brought about by exercise
  • Help protect the joints during workout, training, and heavy weight lifting.
  • Positively influence the mood to enable one to train effectively.
  • Maintain and promote healthy brain function.

Regardless of the source of your omega 3, whether its plan or animal based, keeping your list minimally processed, short and filler free is one of the best ways to make your product stand apart.

3. Magnesium

According to recent research, even small shortfalls of magnesium supplement can affect the performance of athletes. Despite magnesium’s important role, many athletes and coaches are still unaware of its critical importance in maintaining performance and health. In fact, this is why dietary intake of magnesium has dropped a great deal in the recent past. Unfortunately, a number of adults are not meeting their daily recommended intake of the supplement. Normally found in powdered or pill form, magnesium is most often known for the key role it plays in the nervous system. Apart from helping the brain to function well, there is a good amount of research that supports the fact that magnesium can make the best workout companion. Researchers have noted that magnesium can

  • Assist the muscles to recover well after the training.
  • Can help fight insomnia thereby giving you a good nightfall rest. When it comes to the body’s natural recovery methods having a good night sleep is very important.
  • Together with other benefits, magnesium is actually among the most effective supplements. This has made it very popular with athletes who are looking for ways to build their natural supplements.


With many natural supplements found in the market today, it can be challenging to know the products that can produce the best results. However, since these products have been used for many years, they are normally recommended by health experts due to their many benefits. Reports from thousands of users and scientific research have shown that these are among the best products. Before looking for one, it’s important to insist on pure natural supplements. Whether you are an athlete or not these amazing supplements will help you a lot when it comes to your health.

Are Water Sports Thrilling Or Scary?

My friends would call me an athlete. In fact, I spent my youth dedicated to sports. I love racing but I also transition every couple of years to other types of sports so I don’t get tired of being dedicated to just one. I love snowboarding, skateboarding, and about five years ago, “got into” surfing. Along with surfing came canoeing and kayaking.

Since I used to live 10 minutes away from a lake and 25 minutes from the ocean, I had some amazing choices. I would spend most weekends witnessing sunrise from my surfboard which is one of the Godliest experiences you can have while alive. I recommend it to everyone.

If it wasn’t surfing, then I would join my friends boating or kayaking in the lake which is a lot of fun as well. In fact, one of my friends who recently purchased the folding, origami Oru Bay Kayak, got me into it. I remember the first time I got into a canoe with him, in fact.

My Intro To Boating

My buddy had invited me a handful of other guys (our typical basketball crew) for a picnic at his house. We were fully stocked with drinks, we prepped the grill and slapped some burgers on it, and his girlfriend was helping us all set things up. We had a delicious meal, cracked a few jokes, packed up his jeep with the Oru and a couple of other kayaks and headed to the nearby lake I mentioned before.

I used to have a great fear of water (I should have mentioned this earlier) and while I have become comfortable with being in the water, the fear has me on edge at times. When my friend, Chris, encouraged me to get into his Oru and to “take it for a spin”, I was reluctant.

But before I get into that, I found it fascinated that this thing can be literally folded and unfolded within minutes. When Chris told me how much it cost, I sort of understood why. Just really cool stuff!

Anyway, I got in; I’m a tall enough guy around six feet. I felt comfortable in it and once I got situated, it was pretty neat! After ten minutes of fussing around, I was able to steer the kayak very rhythmically. In fact, my buddies gave me a hard time because they wanted to try the Oru for themselves (even though we came with two other inflatable boat options).

I still remember that day fondly because my friend sold his place. We are still in touch with each other and hang out a couple of times a year but I am also involved in a start-up which takes a lot of my time. Soon, he is getting married so we are all looking forward to the bachelor party that I am in charge of, as well as the wedding itself.

Anyway, I am still afraid of the water but the thrill of water sports keeps me going during the summer months. Nothing is as cool as catching a surf with dolphins swimming within 30 feet of you.

The Stigmas Associated With Medicinal Marijuana

There is so much stigma attached to the usage of recreational and medicinal marijuana that it makes it difficult for individuals to be feel comfortable using it. Consider alcohol on the other hand: year after year, people die from car collisions due to drunk drivers. There is so much obvious harm in drinking alcohol that if you consider the reasons marijuana is not more widely accepted, it all sounds ridiculous.

While one can consider the obvious benefits of drinking alcohol, which is to relax, there really is nothing beneficial about this activity. A lot of people start doing it due to peer or social pressure, to fit in. However, scratch beneath the surface and marijuana wins in this category.

medicinal marijuana stigma

The Many Benefits Of Medicinal Marijuana

While recreational uses of marijuana can not be denied, the benefits of medicinal marijuana are still being studied. Studies are already showing that medicinal marijuana can calm down seizures in patients who have epilepsy; in some extreme cases, for whatever reason, noticeably so.

Medicinal marijuana can also be used to “calm the nerves” or to help with anxiety attacks (also known as panic attacks). Traditional medicines that are used for anxiety attacks such as Hydroxyzine or Xanax have other side effects which patients may not be happy with. For instance, Hydroxyzine is great for calming down nausea and heart palpitations but also will cause extreme drowsiness. This can make it dangerous for someone to take a pill if they have to drive, have work in a few hours, or have to take care of young children. Similarly, Xanax has other side effects that may not suit some patients while other patients may be perfectly happy taking it. An alternative medicine for this can easily be medical marijuana.

Another serious use for this amazing plant based drug is for cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy. A cruel side effect of chemotherapy is that patients lose hunger due to nausea induced by the treatment; lack of hunger leads to dramatic weight loss which is not good for cancer patients.

In such cases, medicinal marijuana has been the perfect solution.

While this is a wonderful drug for a lot of illnesses to be treated properly with, the stigma attached to medicinal marijuana may lead to embarrassment or shame for the patient using it. Due to the legality of it in some States in the US, however, opinions of the drug are changing and tides are shifting. For instance, this San Diego marijuana delivery dispensary is the first legal one of its kind to have opened up in its space. It is helping change the attitude people have towards its product by providing a clean and safe environment for its patients. However, if a patient does not want to step outside for any reason and come into the store for their purchase, A Green Alternative also provides an app which can be used to order “for delivery”. No longer are patients forced to go into the store unless they feel like it.

Everyone Should Start Their Own Business

Note: This is an article written by one of my really good friends. I love it and decided to publish it here, as motivation 🙂 Enjoy!

When I started my own business, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was just excited about selling skateboards and surfboards. Ever since I was young, I loved these two sports. I even picked up inline skating and skiing, though the first two would remain my first, hardcore passions. I not only used to be on some type of board all week long, but my friend would come to me for advice all the time. I would read magazines, watch videos, all that good stuff…

i love to surf!

Your Typical Wanderlust

I have traveled and surfed in some amazing spots and have made amazing friends all over the world. In that sense, call me your typical wanderlust. In my last two years of college, I started picking up used boards and customizing them. I’d refine and wax the boards, then create customizations such as art work as well as replace wheels. It all started when one of my football friends stopped by my dorm before we headed out. He asked me where I got the skateboard and if I would sell it to him; he was in love with the look of it. I sold it to him for $99 after about two hours of work. Really, the work wasn’t even work! This was amazing compared to working for $9 per hour around the corner at the hot restaurant.

The Realization: My Hobby Is A Paying Business…

I realized I could make so much more for so much less time and doing things I enjoyed. I had the brilliant idea of selling refurbished and recycled skateboards and surfboards. If I sold around 7-10 per month, it would cover my costs easily.

The start was slow. In fact, it took about six months for word to get around that I was selling some dope equipment and boards. In fact, soon, I started dreaming about a shop of my very own after I graduated. However, I soon found out that my clients were running out so I opened up an Ebay shop, used the local classifieds, the college magazine, and several local online forums to advertise my products.

The more avenues I used for marketing my products, the more my sales would remain consistent. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was putting my business degree to a use: I was launching a business and a successful one at that! How many people do that in their early years and figure things out? That’s not to say that each month I broke over $500… however, there would be a few rarities where I’d break over $1100; so then, those would make up for the lower income months and balance things out, thankfully!

Today, I’m A Success Story To My Friends 🙂

Fast forward to today, I own two shops where I sell inline skates, skateboards, and surfboards. We also offer rentals and more services to keep things in check. I did a grand opening about three months ago where we hired fire entertainers to put on an awesome show for the crowd outside. It definitely got things started right and exposed our brand to a whole new set of eager people walking around. We tossed in some delicious, free food bites and kids and adults were equally excited. I took time out and greeted people as well.

I firmly believe that our children should be taught the essential skill of selling from a young age and I love the idea of a “launching businesses” course for high school students.

Life Should Be A Summer Adventure!

I don’t only care for racing; I love all types of sports. The more adrenaline rush, the better. For instance, two years ago, me and friends camped for two weeks in national parks in California, hiking to our hearts content! We would make pit stops as needed, do the awesome herbal stuff, get drunk, chat, cook burgers, steaks, vegetables, corn, s’mores, eggs, beans and so much more over a bonfire. A good 10 days of that!

The Route!

Here is how the route started: we started by picking up a friend in my other friend’s car… in Mexico, two hours from the border. We stayed there for two days. I had the opportunity to go surfing with my friend, his brother, and his cousins. I thought I was a decent surfer but, wow! These guys could run circles around me! After those couple of days, I have so much respect for them. In fact, I got into slight trouble as the board kind of hit my temple and while I didn’t lose any consciousness, I felt relieved that such experienced swimmers and surfers were around me. An experience of a lifetime and I am craving it right now, as I detail it here.

The next thing we did was enter the United States through California, of course, my beloved home state! Upon meeting new people, I am most often told that I must be a “Cali Kid”. It’s funny because I recognize it in others as well, especially my childhood friends. It is not just our skin cased hair and skin; it is also our carefree demeanor in which we skate through life! Also, of course, most of us surf, camp, skateboard, or are, in the simplest terms, in love with life!

Back In Escondido, CA…

Back to the trip. Our next stop was Escondido, at my sister’s house, close enough to San Diego, my old stomping grounds (and hopefully, in the near future again). I will never forget this trip because due to the multiple vets visits in Escondido (California); my sister’s 12 year old cat was throwing up constantly at an alarming rate. I love that cat as well and when my sister was at work, I actually took her in to the vet myself. Other than that, lots of time with my niece and nephew and again, we spent time surfing and at local bars with hot women. San Diego has a beautiful, diverse crowd and you will see some of the hottest women you will come across whether you are working out in nature or hanging at bars as we were. Can’t help but appreciate!

Next, we drove all the way up the coast visiting iconic places such as Big Sur (where we camped as well and checked out giant trees!), and before that, San Diego, San Jose, and all the smaller spots around LA, on the outskirts. I loved the whole experience and these guys are like brothers now. When my credit card was declined because I was “out of the usual area”, these boys didn’t hesitate to pay for me. When I tweaked my back, they set up the bonfire on the beach, made us all burgers, and what an amazing time we had, just enjoying the simplest thing in life.

Now that I have a full-time job, I look back at these experiences and reminisce on the good times. It also has me thinking about what I want to do long term because I don’t want to die for an unreliable paycheck that has me indoors 9-5 without a passionate purpose. I want to enjoy life, as I did that one summer!


Here is to living life with a purpose, road trips, California, and true friendships.



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Hatfield McCoy Now Thunder Mountain Speedway!



Thunder Mountain Speedway Set To Roar To Life

Thunder Mountain Speedway LogoHanover, WV — New dirt race track to open Spring 2011. Heath Ellis, Owner of Thunder Mountain Speedway, LLC, opened the 4/10 mile dirt track located at Lizard Creek in Wyoming County. The race track was originally operated as Hatfield McCoy Speedway from 1997 to 2005. Construction has already started and plans are set to open Spring 2011. Plans for the new facility are to have a new grandstand seating area, new concessions with restroom facilities in the pit area and alongside the grandstand. Ellis stated that his goal is to bring good quality family fun to Southern WV and Wyoming County. Ellis said, “Basically everything had to be torn down and we have had to start over.” Plans are to run a crate engine semi late model class in 2011 and hope to gain Fastrak sanctioning in time for the 2011 season. Ellis stated “The Fastrak Racing Series is an affordable semi late model class that offers a level playing field for its competitors and many tracks nationally are running this series. The points carry into a regional system and the drivers are actually competing in a point system along with drivers at other tracks. Fastrak brings a lot of excitement for the fans and competitors and is the series that we need to have on board.

First, we need to get the race track rebuilt and get the image brought up to par before any sanctioning body will get involved.” Other classes being considered include open wheel modified, super street, street stock and the 4 cylinder class. Ellis states that the track plans to incorporate the raceceiver radios as a mandatory requirement. “It is our goal that the races run as smooth as possible for the drivers and the fans, communication with the officials will allow the drivers to have a better understanding of the lineup and they will be informed of what is going on on the track. This should save time and help ensure a good show for the fans.” Ellis said, “I am very excited to have Jeremy involved, we have been working for a while to make this a reality for the community. We both share the same ideas and have the same goal to make Thunder Mountain Speedway an enjoyable experience for the fans and drivers. We also plan to promote the Saturday night racing as entertainment for the trail riders that come to visit our community. There is not much for them to do right now after the sun goes down.

We also encourage local businesses to contact us to get involved as well, auto racing is a great marketing tool to promote any business. Involvement from local businesses and government can help ensure success for the entire community and that is the approach we want to take. The main goal is to provide a quality family entertainment venue that folks can be proud and want to be a part of.” Firethorne Marketing is constructing a web site loaded with information about the new race track, but is not expected to be operational until mid Jan. 2011. For those seeking any additional information on track rules or business advertising opportunities, you may call 304-664-2620. Businesses who want to get involved are encouraged to call early so they may be promoted on the track website in Jan. 2011. An opening date is scheduled for Spring 2011, however Ellis stated “We will not open until both Jeremy and I feel we are ready and everything is in place and we feel like we are prepared as best as we can be. We want it to be a good experience, we want everyone to have fun and if we stick with that, then the fans will come back. Unless we have a really bad winter, I expect the green flag should drop in May 2011.”