Everyone Should Start Their Own Business

Note: This is an article written by one of my really good friends. I love it and decided to publish it here, as motivation 🙂 Enjoy!

When I started my own business, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was just excited about selling skateboards and surfboards. Ever since I was young, I loved these two sports. I even picked up inline skating and skiing, though the first two would remain my first, hardcore passions. I not only used to be on some type of board all week long, but my friend would come to me for advice all the time. I would read magazines, watch videos, all that good stuff…

i love to surf!

Your Typical Wanderlust

I have traveled and surfed in some amazing spots and have made amazing friends all over the world. In that sense, call me your typical wanderlust. In my last two years of college, I started picking up used boards and customizing them. I’d refine and wax the boards, then create customizations such as art work as well as replace wheels. It all started when one of my football friends stopped by my dorm before we headed out. He asked me where I got the skateboard and if I would sell it to him; he was in love with the look of it. I sold it to him for $99 after about two hours of work. Really, the work wasn’t even work! This was amazing compared to working for $9 per hour around the corner at the hot restaurant.

The Realization: My Hobby Is A Paying Business…

I realized I could make so much more for so much less time and doing things I enjoyed. I had the brilliant idea of selling refurbished and recycled skateboards and surfboards. If I sold around 7-10 per month, it would cover my costs easily.

The start was slow. In fact, it took about six months for word to get around that I was selling some dope equipment and boards. In fact, soon, I started dreaming about a shop of my very own after I graduated. However, I soon found out that my clients were running out so I opened up an Ebay shop, used the local classifieds, the college magazine, and several local online forums to advertise my products.

The more avenues I used for marketing my products, the more my sales would remain consistent. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was putting my business degree to a use: I was launching a business and a successful one at that! How many people do that in their early years and figure things out? That’s not to say that each month I broke over $500… however, there would be a few rarities where I’d break over $1100; so then, those would make up for the lower income months and balance things out, thankfully!

Today, I’m A Success Story To My Friends 🙂

Fast forward to today, I own two shops where I sell inline skates, skateboards, and surfboards. We also offer rentals and more services to keep things in check. I did a grand opening about three months ago where we hired fire entertainers to put on an awesome show for the crowd outside. It definitely got things started right and exposed our brand to a whole new set of eager people walking around. We tossed in some delicious, free food bites and kids and adults were equally excited. I took time out and greeted people as well.

I firmly believe that our children should be taught the essential skill of selling from a young age and I love the idea of a “launching businesses” course for high school students.



2012 season will be here before we know it!!!! RESERVED PARKING PERMITS will go on sale January 9, 2012. Current holders will have until January 9 to keep their spot. After that date all spots left will be available for purchase. the fee for a 2012 parking permit is $250.00. You will need to come by the office to pay for your spot.

Thunder Mountain Speedway Set To Roar To Life

Thunder Mountain Speedway LogoHanover, WV — New dirt race track to open Spring 2011. Heath Ellis, Owner of Thunder Mountain Speedway, LLC, opened the 4/10 mile dirt track located at Lizard Creek in Wyoming County. The race track was originally operated as Hatfield McCoy Speedway from 1997 to 2005. Construction has already started and plans are set to open Spring 2011. Plans for the new facility are to have a new grandstand seating area, new concessions with restroom facilities in the pit area and alongside the grandstand. Ellis stated that his goal is to bring good quality family fun to Southern WV and Wyoming County. Ellis said, “Basically everything had to be torn down and we have had to start over.” Plans are to run a crate engine semi late model class in 2011 and hope to gain Fastrak sanctioning in time for the 2011 season. Ellis stated “The Fastrak Racing Series is an affordable semi late model class that offers a level playing field for its competitors and many tracks nationally are running this series. The points carry into a regional system and the drivers are actually competing in a point system along with drivers at other tracks. Fastrak brings a lot of excitement for the fans and competitors and is the series that we need to have on board.

First, we need to get the race track rebuilt and get the image brought up to par before any sanctioning body will get involved.” Other classes being considered include open wheel modified, super street, street stock and the 4 cylinder class. Ellis states that the track plans to incorporate the raceceiver radios as a mandatory requirement. “It is our goal that the races run as smooth as possible for the drivers and the fans, communication with the officials will allow the drivers to have a better understanding of the lineup and they will be informed of what is going on on the track. This should save time and help ensure a good show for the fans.” Ellis said, “I am very excited to have Jeremy involved, we have been working for a while to make this a reality for the community. We both share the same ideas and have the same goal to make Thunder Mountain Speedway an enjoyable experience for the fans and drivers. We also plan to promote the Saturday night racing as entertainment for the trail riders that come to visit our community. There is not much for them to do right now after the sun goes down.

We also encourage local businesses to contact us to get involved as well, auto racing is a great marketing tool to promote any business. Involvement from local businesses and government can help ensure success for the entire community and that is the approach we want to take. The main goal is to provide a quality family entertainment venue that folks can be proud and want to be a part of.” Firethorne Marketing is constructing a web site loaded with information about the new race track, but is not expected to be operational until mid Jan. 2011. For those seeking any additional information on track rules or business advertising opportunities, you may call 304-664-2620. Businesses who want to get involved are encouraged to call early so they may be promoted on the track website in Jan. 2011. An opening date is scheduled for Spring 2011, however Ellis stated “We will not open until both Jeremy and I feel we are ready and everything is in place and we feel like we are prepared as best as we can be. We want it to be a good experience, we want everyone to have fun and if we stick with that, then the fans will come back. Unless we have a really bad winter, I expect the green flag should drop in May 2011.”