Adrenaline Junkie Enjoying Land AND Water Sports!

For some unknown reasons, dirt bike racing puts that little adrenaline rush into my system. My concentration suddenly becomes focused while my senses grow sharper. I realized that all I need to experience absolute joy while dirt riding is to put all of my focus into the present moment. All I do is stop fighting against the terrain and the bike.

I become one with the bike, flying over obstacles and dancing along the course. When I manage to ride in harmony like this, I always experience much better results.

dirt bike

Another important fact I consider in order to enjoy my bike riding is the selection of the right bike. Before I bought my top-notch Yamaha 125 YZ, I had to consider its power, weight, and setup. I also realized that basic fitness is required in order to forget about the time, get into the flow, and just keep hopping over the obstacles.

To prepare my body for an exhilarating dirt racing experience, I do some strength training almost daily. I also eat a balanced diet and undertake some intensive interval training.


I have also had more fun when I did not bother myself thinking, “I could have been better here or faster there.” I always strive to put all of my focus on jumping over the rocks on the side of the trail or bouncing off that little cliff.

On other occasions, I pop a wheelie or stand on my bike and use the foot pegs to steer the bike and shift my weight. Dirt riding has helped me to clear stress out of my life and I believe it can improve the quality of your life too.

in the air

To be honest, another leisure activity I enjoy besides dirt bike racing is kayaking. Tomorrow I will be going to rent a kayak, so I was told to look up kayak rentals San Diego. Even though there are a couple of skills that you need to learn before kayaking, you don’t need to be an expert to have fun. Whether you choose to paddle your way down an inland river, a fresh water creek or head out to the open sea, you are guaranteed to experience many appealing moments.

kayaks on land

Both dirt biking and kayaking can be fantastic ways to experience nature in ways you’ve never encountered before. Whether you are traveling alone, with your family, or with a group of friends, you should endeavor to try out these two amazing leisure activities.