Garage Renovations & Racing Update!

Many people love bikes. I personally love fast bikes, and the thrill that comes with riding one can’t be put into words. I know two-wheel fans can totally relate to this. Sport bikes, sometimes known as super bikes (because they are), play a huge part in many people’s lives, myself included. I have a couple of these mean machines in my home garage. It’s one of the perks that comes with being a professional racer. We’ll talk more about my racing side later.

For now, I need to draw your attention to our main item of discussion. I have been having a huge problem with cleaning up and storing my bikes, as well as other valuable items, in my garage. However, my knight in shining armor came to my rescue when I finally came across epoxy floors. Keeping my bikes clean and carrying out maintenance services on them was really hard.

Now, I don’t even know where to start talking about this amazing flooring solution. I spend more time in my garage than I used to, back when I had a horrible, dirty floor in there. I’ll start from the very beginning…

So Where Is The Beginning?

Well, the beginning was a concrete floor that I thought would actually last long, but I guess I was wrong. I know we’ve all been there, or probably still are. I have been living in my house for quite a while now. Let’s just say I have lived here long enough to have had a problem of cracks and holes in my garage floor. This scenario is very common and it affects a lot of people.

cracked garage floor

I had had my concrete garage floor renovated three times in the past. I finally threw in the towel when I couldn’t stand the sight of the garage and actually ended up hating the whole space. I would rarely clean up my bikes, let alone carry out engine maintenance. I have a Yamaha R1 and R6, a Honda CBR1000RR (Blade!), and of course two Kawasaki Ninjas.  These things are pure heat:

Well, as you can see, I have my hands quite full and it can get only worse when you have a messed up garage floor. Things actually got really bad, to the extent of my racing career taking a hit. My garage floor, despite the many repairs, ended up looking worse! There was a lot of dust everywhere and cleaning the place finally became pointless. I would never bother to check whether some bikes needed some tuning or an oil change.

The bikes ended up not giving the necessary power output and expected performance. When things got this bad, I had to make an executive decision to get a new floor installed immediately. I did a quick search through the web for the best floor plans for a garage. I had a very huge variety to select from. I assessed the suitability, as well as the cost of each one I came across. I finally got my best pick and it was none other than epoxy floors.

So, How Will Epoxy Floors Benefit You?

First, you need to ensure that you have all the cracks and holes on your floor fixed. Once your floor is ready, proceed to clean it out with some water. Next, you pour the primer of epoxy in the middle of the floor space. Use a rolling pin on a pole to spread out the primer evenly throughout the surface. If you need to add more color, apply different color coats of the epoxy and spread it out evenly.

When you are done with this, you just simply wait for a while for it to fully dry and you have yourself a shiny durable epoxy floor. Some of the key benefits worth mentioning are that the surface of your garage floor will improve the brightness of your space by up to 200%. This means that you will need less lighting. The floor will also end up having a shiny high gloss. With this, it can resist oil stains and wipes very clean.

epoxy garage

Keeping my garage clean has never been easier. There is no more dust on the floor or on my bikes. I even wash the bikes right inside my garage, and when I come back the next day, I find the whole place dry. How awesome is that? Also, adding to the fact that it’s very simple to apply the epoxy floor, I was able to transform my garage floor in a single day!

It has been almost two years since i made the switch and the floor is still serving its purpose. I have even realized the benefits in my racing too. I now always make it a routine to visit my garage every day. My bikes are now working and performing better. They go much faster now and have helped me improve greatly in my races. With that being said, i just remembered i was to tell you more about my racing career.

After I did the floor myself, a neighbor told me he knew of someone who had his floor done by Best Coast Epoxy Coatings and how beautiful it turned out. He said problems can develop if I didn’t do it right or used the wrong epoxy, that I should have gotten a professional to do it. Mine is holding up, for now, but if it does get messed up, I would definitely give that a try, since they could do it a lot better than me!

Here’s A Brief Look Into My Racing Career

Do any of these names ring a bell? Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Jonathan Rea or Marc Marquez? If they do, then here is another juicy fact: I actually race in the same races with them. I haven’t yet won the championship, but you never know! The fact about life is that people have different problems and disappointments and we all have to just accept that.

kawasaki ninjas

My garage used to be my problem, but not anymore, since my epoxy floor is doing me a lot of good. I enjoyed my most recent race at Laguna Seca as I finally had the chance to test my ‘Blade’. I am looking forward to the many races planned out for this year, and I can’t wait to race again in Spain. I hope this season will be better than all the rest. The days are shining brighter already!

Are Water Sports Thrilling Or Scary?

My friends would call me an athlete. In fact, I spent my youth dedicated to sports. I love racing but I also transition every couple of years to other types of sports so I don’t get tired of being dedicated to just one. I love snowboarding, skateboarding, and about five years ago, “got into” surfing. Along with surfing came canoeing and kayaking.

Since I used to live 10 minutes away from a lake and 25 minutes from the ocean, I had some amazing choices. I would spend most weekends witnessing sunrise from my surfboard which is one of the Godliest experiences you can have while alive. I recommend it to everyone.

If it wasn’t surfing, then I would join my friends boating or kayaking in the lake which is a lot of fun as well. In fact, one of my friends who recently purchased the folding, origami Oru Bay Kayak, got me into it. I remember the first time I got into a canoe with him, in fact.

My Intro To Boating

My buddy had invited me a handful of other guys (our typical basketball crew) for a picnic at his house. We were fully stocked with drinks, we prepped the grill and slapped some burgers on it, and his girlfriend was helping us all set things up. We had a delicious meal, cracked a few jokes, packed up his jeep with the Oru and a couple of other kayaks and headed to the nearby lake I mentioned before.

I used to have a great fear of water (I should have mentioned this earlier) and while I have become comfortable with being in the water, the fear has me on edge at times. When my friend, Chris, encouraged me to get into his Oru and to “take it for a spin”, I was reluctant.

But before I get into that, I found it fascinated that this thing can be literally folded and unfolded within minutes. When Chris told me how much it cost, I sort of understood why. Just really cool stuff!

Anyway, I got in; I’m a tall enough guy around six feet. I felt comfortable in it and once I got situated, it was pretty neat! After ten minutes of fussing around, I was able to steer the kayak very rhythmically. In fact, my buddies gave me a hard time because they wanted to try the Oru for themselves (even though we came with two other inflatable boat options).

I still remember that day fondly because my friend sold his place. We are still in touch with each other and hang out a couple of times a year but I am also involved in a start-up which takes a lot of my time. Soon, he is getting married so we are all looking forward to the bachelor party that I am in charge of, as well as the wedding itself.

Anyway, I am still afraid of the water but the thrill of water sports keeps me going during the summer months. Nothing is as cool as catching a surf with dolphins swimming within 30 feet of you.

The Stigmas Associated With Medicinal Marijuana

There is so much stigma attached to the usage of recreational and medicinal marijuana that it makes it difficult for individuals to be feel comfortable using it. Consider alcohol on the other hand: year after year, people die from car collisions due to drunk drivers. There is so much obvious harm in drinking alcohol that if you consider the reasons marijuana is not more widely accepted, it all sounds ridiculous.

While one can consider the obvious benefits of drinking alcohol, which is to relax, there really is nothing beneficial about this activity. A lot of people start doing it due to peer or social pressure, to fit in. However, scratch beneath the surface and marijuana wins in this category.

medicinal marijuana stigma

The Many Benefits Of Medicinal Marijuana

While recreational uses of marijuana can not be denied, the benefits of medicinal marijuana are still being studied. Studies are already showing that medicinal marijuana can calm down seizures in patients who have epilepsy; in some extreme cases, for whatever reason, noticeably so.

Medicinal marijuana can also be used to “calm the nerves” or to help with anxiety attacks (also known as panic attacks). Traditional medicines that are used for anxiety attacks such as Hydroxyzine or Xanax have other side effects which patients may not be happy with. For instance, Hydroxyzine is great for calming down nausea and heart palpitations but also will cause extreme drowsiness. This can make it dangerous for someone to take a pill if they have to drive, have work in a few hours, or have to take care of young children. Similarly, Xanax has other side effects that may not suit some patients while other patients may be perfectly happy taking it. An alternative medicine for this can easily be medical marijuana.

Another serious use for this amazing plant based drug is for cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy. A cruel side effect of chemotherapy is that patients lose hunger due to nausea induced by the treatment; lack of hunger leads to dramatic weight loss which is not good for cancer patients.

In such cases, medicinal marijuana has been the perfect solution.

While this is a wonderful drug for a lot of illnesses to be treated properly with, the stigma attached to medicinal marijuana may lead to embarrassment or shame for the patient using it. Due to the legality of it in some States in the US, however, opinions of the drug are changing and tides are shifting. For instance, this San Diego marijuana delivery dispensary is the first legal one of its kind to have opened up in its space. It is helping change the attitude people have towards its product by providing a clean and safe environment for its patients. However, if a patient does not want to step outside for any reason and come into the store for their purchase, A Green Alternative also provides an app which can be used to order “for delivery”. No longer are patients forced to go into the store unless they feel like it.