SPICES – An [Understated!] Boon To An Athletic Body

spicesSpices are basically any plant extract which acts as an additional ingredient to a food by providing color, flavor, and some astonishing biological advantages. Spices are generally recommendable for their antimicrobial properties and use in other factors such as medicine, cosmetics, and religious proceedings. They have been known to human kind since the beginning of civilizations. They used to be a prime ingredient in healing medicines and for warriors and workers for their heavy physical workout.

Spices For Athletes

Since we don’t have any warriors today fighting with a sword for days, the physical workers are athletes who need to treat their body like a temple… like me and you! And for the proper maintenance of the temple, spices are an iconic food product which keeps the athletes going and healthy. Even though the godly benefits of spices are well-known and acknowledged, many athletes still seem to ignore the product in their diet.

Because I believe in using herbs and supplements from nature, I thought I would discuss the benefits of a few spices that can be commonly found in Asian cooking. Following are some unbeatable advantages of spices to an athlete:

  • Anti-inflammation properties
  • Heals the sores and body aches
  • Quickens the process of healing for any physical injury like a cut, etc
  • Keeps the body warm
  • Maintains the cardiovascular activities, thus the heart stays strong
  • Antimicrobial in nature

in shape athlete
Now since we know all the great uses of spices, let us discuss some of them in detail and further discuss their advantages.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has an incredible anti-inflammatory response. Moreover, this captivating yellow spice is exclusively known for its healing power. You can either pour it in a smoothie or salad or in fact directly put it on a wound. The result will come immediately. Turmeric is also a cure for arthritis and is highly recommended if an athlete is suffering from cramps and sores in limbs due to heavy workout.  Consider incorporating Turmeric Curcumin into your daily diet.

2. Cinnamon

So first of all, Cinnamon has an aroma which is itself a good enough reason to use it daily. The smell itself heals you spiritually. Moving to the health benefits for athletes, Cinnamon should be taken by athletes suffering from diabetes and it is a notable preventer. It is also great for muscles and joints as it keeps them strong and healthy.

3. Cilantro

This ancient herb is a wondrous product for heart and blood. It maintains the blood sugar level and also helps in keeping a healthy heart by constantly reducing cholesterol level. It also has terrific anti-oxidant properties which keep the body young and healthy.

4. Oregano

Oregano is believed to be having the highest anti-oxidant property among any group of herbs or spices. It also keeps the body warm. Its primary function, although, is to maintain a healthy digestive system which helps in taking the most energy from a food.

5. Cayenne Pepper

This one is a blessing to the immune system. Furthermore, it helps in the healing of sore muscles and maintains a healthy digestion for the body. Since it is extremely spicy, it should always be consumed with a milk product or eggs. And because it is too spicy, it is an excellent diaphoretic spice.


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