Should Atheletes Take Garcinia Cambogia For Cutting Weight?

garciniaAlthough garcinia cambogia is one of the most powerful and popular weight loss supplements, it’s important to know about its advantages and disadvantages before getting started on it… especially if you are an athlete! These can make a difference when it comes to buying it or looking for another weight loss supplement.

As an athlete, I normally research and take the best supplements daily. In this process, I have noted that garcinia cambogia has been one of the best supplements for losing fat (in the last two years).

But here is some nerd talk: Scientists have carried out several studies on hydroxycitric acid which is believed to be the active ingredient. It has actually been associated with fat burning and reduction of appetite in the body especially among athletes and other sportsmen.

Should you take garcinia cambogia? Only you can decide for yourself, but here is some research on it:


1. Promotes Weight Loss

Garcinia cambogia is believed to prevent the fat cell enzyme citrate lyase from producing fats. It actually gives you the ability to lose weight while continuing to eat the foods that you love in moderation.

2. Prevents Constipation

Although garcinia cambogia has been linked to causing diarrhea if you already have a bad stomach it can help to move things in your stomach. This can go a long way in preventing constipation.

3. It Increases Calcium Absorption

By increasing the amount of calcium absorbed in your body, it will help your teeth and bones to become healthier and stronger. More so, research has shown that calcium can help in preventing weight gain. According to studies, calcium promotes the burning of fat within your body and assists in the reduction of stored fat. Scientists have suggested that if women do not eat enough calcium the hormones that help to regulate it will react negatively with progesterone and estrogen. According to experts, women should take one thousand milligrams of calcium daily.

4. Prebiotic

Garcinia cambogia can also help in keeping your digestive system running well. Since it’s a non-digestible compound, it passes through the gastrointestinal track to stimulate the growth of good bacteria. The idea of feeding and helping them is a smart and positive move. It also ensures that bad bacteria always remain low.


1. Dizziness

After ingesting garcinia cambogia, you may experience a feeling of unsteadiness

2. Vertigo

If you have ever spun yourself for some time and then stopped you may have experienced vertigo. It’s actually a feeling of emotion when in the actual sense there is none. You may feel as if you are spinning or as if your surrounding is spinning.

3. Headache

After consuming garcinia cambogia, you may start feeling some headache. The pain that you experience could come in different forms such as throbbing headache, a dull headache or a sharp pain in the head. It could occur on one side of the head or on both sides.

These are some of the pros and cons of taking garcinai cambogia. While it’s a popular product that many people believe in, it’s not without any risks. Before buying the supplement, you should take time and consider these. Studies have also indicated that this supplement appears to be safe. Apart from the minor digestive issues, it does not have any serious side effects.