Life Should Be A Summer Adventure!

I don’t only care for racing; I love all types of sports. The more adrenaline rush, the better. For instance, two years ago, me and friends camped for two weeks in national parks in California, hiking to our hearts content! We would make pit stops as needed, do the awesome herbal stuff, get drunk, chat, cook burgers, steaks, vegetables, corn, s’mores, eggs, beans and so much more over a bonfire. A good 10 days of that!

The Route!

Here is how the route started: we started by picking up a friend in my other friend’s car… in Mexico, two hours from the border. We stayed there for two days. I had the opportunity to go surfing with my friend, his brother, and his cousins. I thought I was a decent surfer but, wow! These guys could run circles around me! After those couple of days, I have so much respect for them. In fact, I got into slight trouble as the board kind of hit my temple and while I didn’t lose any consciousness, I felt relieved that such experienced swimmers and surfers were around me. An experience of a lifetime and I am craving it right now, as I detail it here.

The next thing we did was enter the United States through California, of course, my beloved home state! Upon meeting new people, I am most often told that I must be a “Cali Kid”. It’s funny because I recognize it in others as well, especially my childhood friends. It is not just our skin cased hair and skin; it is also our carefree demeanor in which we skate through life! Also, of course, most of us surf, camp, skateboard, or are, in the simplest terms, in love with life!

Back In Escondido, CA…

Back to the trip. Our next stop was Escondido, at my sister’s house, close enough to San Diego, my old stomping grounds (and hopefully, in the near future again). I will never forget this trip because due to the multiple vets visits in Escondido (California); my sister’s 12 year old cat was throwing up constantly at an alarming rate. I love that cat as well and when my sister was at work, I actually took her in to the vet myself. Other than that, lots of time with my niece and nephew and again, we spent time surfing and at local bars with hot women. San Diego has a beautiful, diverse crowd and you will see some of the hottest women you will come across whether you are working out in nature or hanging at bars as we were. Can’t help but appreciate!

Next, we drove all the way up the coast visiting iconic places such as Big Sur (where we camped as well and checked out giant trees!), and before that, San Diego, San Jose, and all the smaller spots around LA, on the outskirts. I loved the whole experience and these guys are like brothers now. When my credit card was declined because I was “out of the usual area”, these boys didn’t hesitate to pay for me. When I tweaked my back, they set up the bonfire on the beach, made us all burgers, and what an amazing time we had, just enjoying the simplest thing in life.

Now that I have a full-time job, I look back at these experiences and reminisce on the good times. It also has me thinking about what I want to do long term because I don’t want to die for an unreliable paycheck that has me indoors 9-5 without a passionate purpose. I want to enjoy life, as I did that one summer!


Here is to living life with a purpose, road trips, California, and true friendships.