3 Supplements Every Racer Can Benefit From!

supplements for athletes
You train, exercise and eat well for your athletic endeavors but what are the best supplements that can take your training to the next level?

Although research has shown that a variety of nutrients are healthy for athletes, there are 3 that stand outs. Remember, in the world of ever changing training methods proper use of supplements equal results. With long and short term fitness goals, using the best supplements is the best thing to do. However, no supplement can take the place of a good, wholesome diet. In fact, I have tested several supplements over the years, with the following giving me some really good results in the last few months (one of my favorite topics, really!)

Although these 3 supplements can help in training and recovery efforts, they can also be taken together with others so as to get the best results.

1. Forskolin:

Forskolin is not only a popular supplement when it comes to training and sports, but it’s also a popular fat burner famous for its anabolic activities. It generally enhances fat loss by activating adenylate cyclase enzyme. This enzyme starts off a series of events including the activation of lipoprotein lipase that allows stored fat to be broken down to be used as a source of fuel. For quite some time people have been using supplement for weight loss and other training activities. Since our bodies love this supplement, they react well yielding a revitalized mind and a flatter stomach. It also stimulates the body’s metabolism so that it can burn more fat. This prevents the body from adding more fat and also melts away unwanted fat from the body.

It also raises your testosterone and thyroid hormone level thereby leading to an increase in fat burning and lean body mass. The fat in Forskolin activates kinase which plays an important role in the breakdown of the building blocks known as triglycerides. Having lower levels of triglycerides has a lot of health benefits to the body. If you are looking for the best supplement for weight loss then look no further since this supplement is the best.

2. Omega 3 Supplements:

It’s true that a typical western diet normally lacks important fatty acids such as omega 3. Even for healthy adults who know the importance of omega 3, looking for omega 3 supplements may still be something worth taking into consideration. Whether you are an athlete or not, there are a ton of evidence supporting the health benefits of omega 3. According to research, omega 3 supplements may

  • Reduce the muscle soreness and the inflammation brought about by exercise
  • Help protect the joints during workout, training, and heavy weight lifting.
  • Positively influence the mood to enable one to train effectively.
  • Maintain and promote healthy brain function.

Regardless of the source of your omega 3, whether its plan or animal based, keeping your list minimally processed, short and filler free is one of the best ways to make your product stand apart.

3. Magnesium

According to recent research, even small shortfalls of magnesium supplement can affect the performance of athletes. Despite magnesium’s important role, many athletes and coaches are still unaware of its critical importance in maintaining performance and health. In fact, this is why dietary intake of magnesium has dropped a great deal in the recent past. Unfortunately, a number of adults are not meeting their daily recommended intake of the supplement. Normally found in powdered or pill form, magnesium is most often known for the key role it plays in the nervous system. Apart from helping the brain to function well, there is a good amount of research that supports the fact that magnesium can make the best workout companion. Researchers have noted that magnesium can

  • Assist the muscles to recover well after the training.
  • Can help fight insomnia thereby giving you a good nightfall rest. When it comes to the body’s natural recovery methods having a good night sleep is very important.
  • Together with other benefits, magnesium is actually among the most effective supplements. This has made it very popular with athletes who are looking for ways to build their natural supplements.


With many natural supplements found in the market today, it can be challenging to know the products that can produce the best results. However, since these products have been used for many years, they are normally recommended by health experts due to their many benefits. Reports from thousands of users and scientific research have shown that these are among the best products. Before looking for one, it’s important to insist on pure natural supplements. Whether you are an athlete or not these amazing supplements will help you a lot when it comes to your health.